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Heroes Meta Episode 4x18 - "The Wall"

Sooo sorry for the delay kids, but here it is the meta for "The Wall" Which will soon be followed by the meta for "Brave New World" also compiled by yours truly :D

This episode was basically full of Petlar love and Noaire angst so enjoy!

All In All It's Just Another Brick In The Wall

(Peter, Sylar, The Wall)

First I would like to present to you the following scenelet: Matt Parkman watches as Peter presses a hand to Sylar's face and then falls limp to the floor. Matt sighs, deeply, contemplating the situation. He arranges Peter in a seated position against the wall. He can maybe figure out what to do with him later... Matt checks on Sylar, still and mute in his little half-bricked grotto. Then Matt smiles at him, murmurs a quiet, "Stuff you," to Peter, picks up the trowel, and finishes the wall. He dusts his hands off on his pants, pats Peter on the head, and walks back upstairs to take a shower. Later, he eats nachos. (I can't possibly be the only one who saw the fully-finished brick wall and burst out laughing. Was I the only one?) ewinfic

Breaking down walls together...Heroes doesn't know how to do subtle metaphors, does it? superkappa

Who knew that the cure for being evil was to be trapped alone with Peter for a couple of years? Peter must be contagious. I bet if we locked Samuel in a cave with Peter long enough, he'd come out using his power to mine for precious metals and donate them to charity.the_other_sandy

I think those nine years might have been good for Peter too, if they allowed him to dial down his hero complex to something reasonable. I hope he sticks with Sylar; it would make sense if he appointed himself as guardian and parole officer. Besides, no one is going to believe them otherwise if they claim Sylar has actually changed. jaune_chat

C'mon, Sylar! You used Lydia's power as an excuse to kiss Claire, why not Peter? ladymalchav

And from out of nowhere, we have... Nathan, still faintly there in Sylar's brain. I'm sorry, I shouldn't, but I simply must: WHO CALLED IT?! WHO CALLED IT OMG! NATHAN IS STILL THERE! HE IS STILL. THERE. *touchdown boogie* ewinfic

That was the makeout moment, you missed it. Fail. ilikethequiet

I like Peter calling Sylar on his shit. More people need to. superkappa

Cripes, Sylar brings Peter comic books, tells him he should eat, and then shares brotherly memories with him. The writers are trying to kill me, aren’t they? Top that off with mutual wall-banging, intense glares, gifts from Peter, and then heartfelt forgiveness? ‘Scuse me, I’ll be in my bunk. jaune_chat

Back in Sylar's fantasy nightmare, Peter is feeling aggravated. Sylar is feeling desperate for his attention, love and cock. And as I watched them together every word out of Sylar's mouth became code for "have sex with me." And then they invade each other's personal space some. And the WALL appears. Because "The Wall" is literal. psychedelicammo

Nonetheless, I can't complain about this crossing of the fine line between symbolism and stupidity when it leads to such an insanely delicious world of shamelessly slashtastic wonders. It's only a shame there was such a small portion of this compared to all the Carnival meanderings. But maybe restraint is a good thing. After all, I'm sure we can imagine the rest for ourselves. THEY WERE SO HAVING BRAIN SEX THAT WHOLE TIME, IT IS TRUFAX, YOU CANNOT DENY. Ahem. redcharlach

Sylar spends nine years trapped inside his own head talking about feelings with Peter. He swears he's repented. He swears he's different. They both swear they'll get a haircut. Yeah, okay. *sigh* Let's see if it takes this time. ewinfic

The House of Horrors Smoke and Mirrors

(Noah, Claire, The Carnies)

Samuel tortures Claire and Noah by forcing them both to confront the most painful and hideous of truths: Noah Bennet was an ungifted used car salesman. Noah, you and your sodium pentathol could stand to learn a few things about breaking a captive. ewinfic

Samuel, Samuel, blahblahblah. NO ONE CARES ANYMORE! ladymalchav

Okay, this is where I have a problem, Lauren with a gaping bullet hole in her shoulder is the prettiest she's ever looked on this show. I don't mean in a yaaaaay blood is awesome! way, more a she looks real...does that make sense? ilikethequiet

So they gave him a wife just to take her away again. That's sloppy storytelling, Heroes. Unnecessary, sloppy storytelling. Very disappointed. tiptoe39

I'm so glad someone finally called Samuel on his big bag of BS. Who'd've guessed it would be Claire? For awhile there she was so upset that her father had worked for The Company and killed Specials that I thought maybe she hadn't been watching the show all along. the_other_sandy

"Why didn't you show me the memory my Dad has of shooting Lydia?" Oooo, nice shot. I continue to maintain that Claire takes after Noah. Because it makes me squee. ewinfic

As part of his latest tedious plan for world-domination, Samuel wishes to remind everyone about Bennet's contractual right to a bout of black-and-white backstory every season. He therefore forces Claire to stand around in the plasma-screen House of Mirrors (now with Dolby surround sound!) and watch some rather extraneous flashbacks, without the aid of popcorn or other tasty nibbles to help them go down. How cruel. redscharlach

I adored Claire’s delightfully snarky response to Samuel. “You’re my hero!” See, Samuel? This is what people sound like when they drink your Kool-Aid. They sound like idiots. You should thank Claire for pointing that out! jaune_chat

A lot of this episode is traipsing around peoples' subconscious minds. Bennet kills a special because like gay people, all specials know one another. They're all on a giant list serve and have monthly orgies meetings. I smell a hate crime. And Claude watches Noah masturbate. I MISS CLAUDE. Thompson tells Noah to get laid, that maybe Sandra can relax his "trigger finger." -wink, wink- psychedelicammo

World shoulda treated Samuel better. Bad world! No cookie. Although it should be pointed out that Sylar would be laughing his ass off at Samuel's misfortunes. ewinfic

You notice how this flashback tv is only showing the very BAD things? ilikethequiet

From the "I Wasn't Born Yesterday" file: I seem to recall that Bennet didn't look like that in the mid-eighties, he looked like this. I must admit, the one-time Dynasty fan in me is just a teensy bit disappointed that they didn't break out a blond mullet wig and cast Heather Locklear as his first wife. redscharlach

And the carnival is going to Central Park! You know what I would love to see? Angela Petrelli going out to talk to Samuel. I’d love to watch her devastate him with a few well-chosen words and discussion of a dream vision or two. I want to watch her walk into the carnival and walk out a few hours later with Samuel at her heels, begging for mercy. Because Ma Petrelli could be the restraining influence he’s lacked for months. jaune_chat

lololol Candy? *cough*Candice*cough* ilikethequiet

Watching Claire run never gets old. She is just a teeny tiny ball of dynamite. tiptoe39

So we can positively say that HRG's character assassination, giving him a whole pre-Sandra family, the vigilante storyline, and the Company playing matchmaker with Sandra, is now complete. di_elle

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