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Heroes Meta Episode 4x19 - "Brave New World"

And here we are, the meta for the finale! (Let's hope it's not the series finale D:) The meta for "The Wall" Can be found here!


(lolz, cuz I'm funny)

Sooo what happened last week? Oh! Peter and Sylar had sex up against a wall! Noah and Claire had hot sweaty underground sex in the trailer! And Lauren a girl we don't think has powers overpowered the multiple rapist and managed to get away, WTF?! Yes I'm aware only one of these things really happened and the one that did, Lauren getting away from Eli, well that hardly seems believable. ilikethequiet

The Badass Bennets...No, Not Claire

(Noah, Claire)

OMG, Claire! Stab yourself in the back of the head so you stay dead so HRG can live longer! You'll be okay when he pulls it out! ladymalchav

Nice, Noah. Or rather, nice, writers. Claire is the best thing to happen to him. I didn't see the last episode, but I read what happened, so I'll ignore the coup de grace they gave to Sandra/HRG. But what about Lyle?!? What, he's normal, so HRG doesn't care about him? He's not good enough? God, and I didn't think they could destroy more the Bennet Family. schtroumph_c

Down in the underground, Bennet and Claire are all set for a bout of tragic father/daughter bonding, although at least they have some novelty Slinkies down there to play with before asphyxiation sets in. For a moment, I did wonder whether Ye Powers That Be would dare to kill Bennet off (albeit in a fairly limp way), but all the "you must promise to hide your powers" whining fell rather flat, since Claire was never going to agree to it in a million years, and pulling the "it's my inconvenient dying wish!" card was tacky in the extreme, and made the hard-as-nails Bennet come across as a petulant old lady whose idea of a good death is one that pisses off as many relatives as possible. redscharlach

Claire is really full of spectacularly bad ideas from start to finish tonight, wasn't she? Scream for help and waste oxygen your dad could use. Try to paw at the rocks that they might come in and collapse and crush you both to smithereens. Get up on a soapbox and try to convince a cult not to trust their charismatic leader. Decide to commit suicide for the news media and trust that they're going to cover you. Seriously, she is just one big bad idea in a small package. tiptoe39

I love how Claire and Noah are just all dirty. I love that. ilikethequiet

Did they really think they'd have signal underground? Maybe if they were with a better network...superkappa

Sylar has never been creepier than he is assuring Peter of how good it felt to save Emma. He and Peter just needed to hug like Peter and Emma did. And then EVERYBODY needed to hug. And then we could have had a singalong... (sorry, I'm writing this kind of late)...ewinfic

More suffocation!fail on Heroes, because Noah can’t be ready to pass out and start to die while Claire is still leaping around and emoting and digging. I don’t care if her lungs can regenerate, there’s still the same amount of low oxygen in that trailer. Luckily Tracy is there, providing Ali Larter’s contractual one-scene appearance in the finale while still saving the day out of an otherwise impossible situation. And she doesn’t hang around for praise either while the Bennets struggle out of muddy puddle. What a modest gal! jaune_chat

Awwww, they let Samuel chew some scenery before he got the whammy. I approve of this. I do not, however, approve of the fact that they stick him in a box. *rubs head against keyboard* dxfcgjhbmklmbc SHOOT HIM. SHOOT. HIM. Ah, fuck. NOOOAAAHH! WE NEED SOME MORALLY GRAAAAYY! ewinfic

Wow, I just realized: HRG dying? Would be the one thing that would make me stop watching. Nathan? Hiro? Sylar? I can deal. HRG? NFW! ladymalchav

Noah and Claire are at the carnival, and split up. I see that Claire has taken the time to brush her hair and put it into a shiny perfect ponytail. squint13

I guess the only thing that really annoyed me was Claire outing the existence of specials to the world. I know that all she's ever wanted was to be accepted for who she is and not have to hide, but she had no right to make that call for everyone. I guess it will depend on what she says next, but if she tells the whole truth about what happened at the Hammerspace Carnival, she'll be outing the existence of specials everywhere, not just herself. Besides, isn't this the first step that leads to the timeline 4 years in the future (3 years in the future now?) where Ando killed Hiro, Claire killed Peter, and Peter came back in time to shoot Nathan? Or have I lost track of the time travel shenanigans again? the_other_sandy

Claire decides to take action and reveal specials to the world, because she is a selfish little girl. I mean, I appreciate someone taking the initiative, I suppose, and I guess it’s better that the first public reveal of specials come from regeneration than a massive sinkhole, but still. That may be all find and dandy for you, Claire Bennet, but what about the thousands of other specials who perhaps didn’t want anyone to know they existed? The ones that don’t have power and money in their families to run and hide if the government turns against them? You think about that? No. No, I didn’t think you did. jaune_chat

"All it takes is one Sylar." Truer words were never spoken, Noah. And in fact, we've had like three of them. And even the one Sylar was like, five different people by the end. ewinfic

The scenes with Claire and Noah are heartbreaking. I didn't expect to tear up, but I did. And the future as Noah paints it seem so hopeless. He's so cynical, and it's so sad how he doesn't have any hope for a future to be bright concerning that.squint13

'I gotta say, I never liked carnivals Oh, HRG, you so wry! ladymalchav

The Damsel Gets Her Ending

(Hiro, Ando, Charlie)

Charlie got dumped in the past. At least she's cheerful about it. superkappa

So basically Samuel's friend has the same deal Doctor Who's stone angels do. They don't kill you, they just send you back in time so you can live out your life. I've got to say though, great casting on older!charlie ♥ ilikethequiet

OK, I know how Charlie and hiro had to end up the way they did, but still, I wish I could have seen him go back to 1944 and pull a Doc Emmett. (Since Castiel didn't.) Oh, well. I suppose Hiro might have had some problems being Japanese in 1944. tiptoe39

Hiro leaps up out of bed shortly after his brain surgery to remove a tumor, bright-eyed and bushy-headed, without bandages or the shaved skull and fresh scar he should have if the neurosurgeons were attempting to remove the tumor to save his life. ‘Scuse me while I die laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hee hee hee! BWAHAHA! Gigglesnort! Ah ha ha ha… ha… ha… Oh God, that’s freaking hilarious. Please fast-forward Hiro’s recovery time a few weeks or months later and I’ll believe you. Until then, he’s totally in bed recovering from getting his head sliced open, albeit in non-Sylar way.jaune_chat

OH MY GOD SOMETHING WEIRD HAPPENED. CHARLIE GOT OLD AND TURNED INTO CLARK KENT'S MOM. (No not Smallville Clark, Lois and Clark Clark. STFU it makes sense) ilikethequiet

I absolutely loved Charlie in this episode. She could have been bitter about being kidnapped and plopped down in some strange place in a time possibly before even her parents were born, but instead she bloomed where she was planted and made a fantastic life for herself, a life she wouldn't give up so that Hiro could "fix" the timeline. Because if Hiro took her right back to the Burnt Toast Diner, Charlie's 4 kids and 7 grandkids would never have been born. She still loved Hiro, but she wouldn't give up 65 years of the life she knew to start over and have that life never happen. the_other_sandy

Hiro discovers Charlie at the end of her life. Arnold deposited her in 1944 and let her live her life, just far away from Hiro. Arnold is a Weeping Angel! Hee hee! That’s awesome! Damn, I loved that episode of Dr. Who. jaune_chat

One Night Only

(Samuel, The Carnies, Peter and Sylar, Matt)

'Greatest show on earth'? Samuel, I think that's copywritten. ladymalchav

Anybody remember the Becky storyline? Yeah, that. I present this as evidence (not that any is needed) that the writers of this show have no FUCKING clue where they are going to be at the end of the season when they are at the beginning. ewinfic

I love it when the show remembers that Peter has medical training. I would've liked to see a little bit more of him treating Matt while they were talking though. Yes, Peter doing medical things is a kink for me. I blame a lifetime of watching Emergency! reruns. the_other_sandy

Samuel speechifies the living crap out of the carnies. I wonder where my fast-forward button is. jaune_chat

PETER, THE EARTHBENDER. lolol. I like that they are bringing all these old elements back, and that Nathan's death and the brothers theme came back in the end. The problem is that it feels slipshod, gratuitous. I mean, I get it, Claire in front of the cameras again, but that line had no reason to be. Fan service has to work within the confines of the continuity. tiptoe39

Still waiting for Sylar to lay one on Peter for good luck or something. superkappa

Sylar’s version of “saving” Emma is basically providing a distraction so Emma can eventually save herself after she’s sick of watching Doyle taunt them. Well, that was bracing. I’m so glad Sylar traveled all the way from L.A. for that. jaune_chat

Peter and Samuel's ground-trembling duel was hilarious for all the wrong reasons. Competitive soil-surfing is never going to take off as a spectator sport. And Samuel seems to have totally forgotten that he can throw rocks right through people's flesh, in favour of... trying to make Peter fall over. Hmm. I must admit: the earth didn't move for me. redscharlach

Finale Thoughts

(Dare we hope for a new season? Do we even want one?)

And now...we wait to see if the show gets renewed or not. I kind of hope it does, as I want to see where this could go, but it might be best it doesn't. superkappa

I gotta say, I actually liked how they ended this season. If the show gets renewed, they have a great place to start from. If it gets canceled, it’s an interesting place to end. This season finale left me with a feeling of satisfaction, as opposed to horror and sorrow like at the end of S3. As always with Heroes, there were moments of pure fail combined with moments of awesome win, and that’s what keeps me coming back to this show. jaune_chat

It looks like Kring decided to gamble on the show getting renewed instead of re-editing the season finale for closure. I wasn't really hoping for the show's renewal until the last couple of episodes, but now I kind of am. Especially if Milo and Zach get many, many more scenes together. I'm looking forward to seeing if Sylar's reform sticks this time. It's really easy to just say no to brains when you're trapped without access to any. the_other_sandy

So, the six-billion-dollar question is, Is This It? Will we get any more Heroes? To be honest, I think I could manage if this really is the end, and I fear that the remaining pleasures of the show could not withstand being stretched thinly over another twenty-odd episodes. However, I've read some rumours that there might be a half-length final series, which I think would be a decent compromise: give everyone one more trip around the block, give ZQ to whip his shirt off a few more times and Angela a few more chances to scheme everyone into oblivion, and tie everything up in a big bow with sparkles. That'd be enough, I think. But will we get it? In this as in so many things, we'll just have to wait and see... redscharlach

So, I do like the ending. I mean, it's open for another season, but it could also be a definite ending. It works both ways, so at least there they succeeded. Of course, I hope there'll be another season. And that season should be grand, and awsome, and as close to perfect as possible, and then they could end. I wouldn't mind a season 6 after that, but sometimes it's best to end while at the top. Right now, they're more in the middle. The show wasn't bad this season, it was just... slightly confused. A bit all over the place plot- and character wise, but it wasn't awful. At least I loved it. Still, if they do another season, they should take it easy with new characters, and not throw some randomly in there. They should take time, lay out the story and plot, concider what characters are necessary and who are not, what any possible new characters might do and so on. Also, relationships should be handled better. I'm not saying everyone have to be happy all the time, but you know... it'd be nice if they were just simply handled better. Not like Caitlin, or Gretchen and Claire (poeple are divided on that one, some say they're definitively out and together, others they are just friends. Just choose, and stick to it, writers.), or most of the others. squint13

Well there we go, I feel a little let down maybe? It didn't have the same oomph the finale usually does. I think I know why...

+ BECAUSE YOU KILLED OFF NATHAN ALREADY, YOU BASTARDS! Seriously this is the only finale where that hot assed bitch Nathan Petrelli didn't die. Actually, nobody died, that's kind of shocking... ilikethequiet

In closing, thank you to everyone who has contributed this season, we immensely enjoy putting together the meta and hope it is not the last time we cross paths :D
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