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meta: episode19: ".07%"

Hope everyone got to see Heroes 1x20 "Five Years Gone" last night on NBC. Here is last weeks meta, a day late. Sorry for the delay.
I think this week is the most united batch of posts ever. It was really neat to see a lot of people agreeing on things. Fandom minds think alike?

"Why is Mohinder so easy to pick on? I feel BAD for the guy that plays him because you know he had to have stood up at least once when going over the script and protested that this guy is a college educated genetics professor and could we PLEASE make him slightly more intelligent than a five year old on a sugar kick?
And then of coursse, Tim Kring was all 'No, he's pretty and he can make one heck of a kicked puppy face. Sit down and shut up.'"

"On top of that, in an apartment full of scientific equipment (most of which is probably quite painful), the only thing he can think of to use as a weapon is a map."

"But poor Mohinder. Shafted! Arrowed! Ceilinged!"

"By the way, whatever happened to MoLizard? Did Mohinder just leave him there while he went on the road trip of fun and decapitation with Sylar?"

"Poor Sylar, though. I love you dearly and you just got mapped by the fashion challenged normal guy. That has to be humiliating. It's okay, though, you're still wearing the cool shoes."

"The guy's been shot at how many times and he's taken down by a rolling a map board! "

"But ZQ looked lean, mean and fine stalking around his victim in his "evil guy" Carhart jacket and cuban-heeled boots. Where did he get those clothes? Zane was in T-shirts and schlubby jeans, whereas obviously, Sylar stopped by to kill Isaac on his way to try out to play bass for Interpol. See? I told you - EVIL MAKES YOU SEXY."

"The fight between Sylar and Peter was like WHAM! *awesomeness* ZIP! *coolness* BOOM! *invisibility* SHAZAAM! *snarky commentary* SLAM! *supposed victory of evil* KAPOWIE! *MOHINDER!* and in conclusion, it Pleased Me Greatly."

"Linderman seems like such a nice guy, you know in a ruthless murderous kind of way."

"Cue conveniantly placed dead plant. Did anyone else notice the skull behind Linderman, by the way, on the cabinet? What the hell is up with that?"

"Linderman is sort of channeling Darth Vader: 'SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS, NATHAN. YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE.'"

"HOW does Linderman know that it happens the day after the election?"

"Matt's in an OWI prison. And there's a COCKROACH, on his FOOD. Do these people never clean their cells, or something??"

"With Mr. Bennet masterminding, Matt may actually get some decent storylines. Mr. Bennet's cool-headed schemery plus Matt's well-intentioned ineptitude equals win and awesome."

"I think the crack team of HRG, Sprague, and Parkman is the best supertrio in the history of the known universe. Or it is, at least until Peter, Nathan, and Claire team up and get matching outfits."

"I'm rather disappointed that they're taking the bus. That would be the funniest car trip EVER and would ultimately end up with HRG in the driver's seat and Matt and Ted sulking in the back with a duct tape line down the center of the car.
"He's on my side!"
"I am not!"
"You were thinking about it!"
"Was not!"
"Dude, I'm a telepath. I CAN TELL WHEN YOU'RE LYING!"
"Can you tell when I'm about to nuke you?"
"BOYS! If you don't sit down and shut up, I'm going to turn this car around and we will drive back to Primatech and you will sit in your cells and think about what you've done!""

"How does HRG know he was sleeping? Is that cockroach really Rita Skeeter?"

"Okay seriously, where did HRG suddenly get such a nice suit? Did he rob a store on his way to the dinner?"

"[Am I really supposed to believe...] that Matt, a cop who has attempted getting in with the FBI and has collaborated with them, has no effing clue what an EMP is? Has he never watched '24'?"

"What's up with Mama Petrelli? Maybe stealing socks warps you, or maybe the warping was what made her steal the socks."

"And am I really supposed to believe that in the entire Petrelli mansion, there's not a piece of furniture long enough that Peter's cold dead feet won't be hanging off the edge?"

"I just never would've imagined him to be the type of guy to bust into a place and have the first word out of his mouth be "Mah?!" Unless the Petrelli's used to live on a farm, and the cows had escaped again"

"When Mama Petrelli was like, "It's okay, boys, I've known for a long time," I thought she meant their incesty gay relationship. But I don't think that's it. But I'm not sure what she means if not that."

"Please tell me I'm not the only weirdo who imagined him writing in his journal: "First brother dies, then illegitimate love-child shows up. WTF, worst day ever.""

"Since I knew Peter totally wasn't dead, I let myself be transfixed by the blood drips on Peter's face, because they were in SUCH A PRETTY DESIGN. Though I was kind of bewildered by the fact that all the blood in this episode never turned rusty. COME ON, PEOPLE, BLOOD OXIDIZES. GET WITH THE PROGRAM."

"Then in the five years in the future trailer we have Peter and Nikki/Jessice, which, hi, double dipping ISN'T COOL (did we learn nothing from the Michael/Marta/Gob triangle in Arrested Development? GEEZ.)"

"Nathan gets to peruse Linderman's art collection. And what, he has an art degree, now? I mean, if I walk through a room filled with random paintings I don't automatically know which time period and style they belong to with just a single glance. But maybe that's just me."

"Hopefully, his transition from emo!kid to B.A.M.F. (no, that's not a reference to Nightcrawler) won't be as gay as Anakin's was."

"Peter is such an emo kid. Nathan's like, "I LOVE YOU, PETE!", and Peter's like, "NO YOU DON'T BECAUSE I'M EMO OF COURSE YOU DON'T LOVE ME.""

"That whole scene with "I don't know who I am without you, Peter" was just like someone handed the brotherly love out free with purchase while supplies last, you know?"

""Forgot to mention we were related." We all know Claire is thinking 'Kinda wish he had, BEFORE I had all those...thoughts about him. Where'd the Haitian go?'"

"It's probably proof to how shallow and insensitive I am but I was totally like, "Bitch, stop complaining about being sent to PARIS!" when Claire was all flabbergasted at the very idea."

"I mean, come the fuck on! I can do [a Claire impression] better than that even when I don't shapeshift. LAME ATTEMPT. F FOR FAILURE."

"Isaac is talking about this issue being the last, giving away his sketchbook, and his little messenger buddy doesn't even ask what's going on? Or, hell, notice the MASSIVE paintings depicting Isaac's total lobotomy? Observant, ain't he?"

"And to Mr. GreasyoverweightbikemessengerappearingtobeofJapanesedescent, can we please stop talking like Keanu Reeves? New York is no where near San Dimas, and also no wear near 1989. And I know you want to get that sketchbook up on eBay ASAP, but try to look a little less opportunistic by not running out the door as fast as you can."

""I'm confused." Oh, Ando, join the club, sugar. We'll have t-shirts made."

Thanks to everyone who wote down their humourous thoughts. You truly make me believe that this is one of the best fandoms ever!
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