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Heroes Episode Meta

promote fandom!love

NBC's Heroes Episode Meta
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Welcome to the Heroes Episode Meta Community

The purpose of this community is to promote fandom love and to compile the funny, witty or snarky things people say about each episode of Heroes.

Meta for the past episode is usually posted Monday before the new episode airs.

The maintainers and meta compilers are:

To be quoted you MUST:

1) Write some thoughts down about the episode each week, and post by Saturday. We will also accept late submissions up until Sunday, but you have a better chance of being read if you post BEFORE the weekend. We look for opinions, not recaps.

2) If your journal is friends only, make the post public. If that makes you uncomfortable, you must friend the community maintainers so they can see your entry.

3) We try and compile comments that strike us as funny, insightful and snarky, all of which is extremely subjective. We're not doing rocket science, we're not trying to make broad statements about the show, we're just trying to bring the funny. If you do not see your name, don't get mad (fandom hate/wank is STRICTLY PROHIBITED) just try again next week! Chances are you'll get posted eventually.

4.) On Thursdays, there will be a post to this community asking for links to your metas. From Thursday to Saturday evening, you have time to link your thoughts to us.

Any comments, questions, or concerns? Please post them here.

+ heroes_graphics
+ heroes_fic
+ heroes_tv
+ rebel_heroes

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If you would like to be affiliated with us, please PM the moderators.

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