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meta: episode 22: "landslide"

Thanks to the miracle of Victoria Day in Canada (I love 3 day weekends) the meta is up ON TIME! BEFORE THE EPISODE! *shock*

WOW! There are suddenly 92 people with "heroes_meta" in their interests and this comm is watched by 276.
I am....flabbergasted. Thanks so much to all the members who make this comm awesome and to everyone who's pimped the comm itself. I can't wait for the finale tonight and I'll be really sad writing up the final meta. Rmemeber, you can always use the tags to go back and read old meta if you are a recent member.
BUT! I've got some ideas on ways to pass the summer, so hopefully they will work.

Since there are so many new people I'm going to repeat the rules:
+ Your post must be public, or you must have friended one of the moderators
+ Your post must contain "heroes" in the subject or tag. Remember: I loooove the people who actually put "heroes_meta" in their post. Also, they will benefit next season, because I will ONLY be looking at those posts. (To save time looking at Heroes fic and/or icons, it takes hours doing this and I just want to make it a bit easier)
+ You must have "heroes_meta" in your interests.
+ No fandom wank/hate! Please be civil and feel free to thank people if they made you laugh or link me if I've forgotten something. I'm always willing to add new meta!

EDIT: New meta added May 24th in red.

Once again, you guys brought out the hilarity in full force, this is one of the best collections of meta in my opinion, so without further ado, Collapse )
And...because *I* found this amusing, you are now forced to learn that the Heroes fandom has it's very own DRINK!
(See, you can link me to anything silly and I'll probably post it. I have no standards!)