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meta: episode 301 & 302

Wow! Either you guys really don't trust me, or I completely underestimated your level of cool! I was expecting maybe a few links and you guys blew me away! I luff you all so much!! It's YOU who make this community what it is and I just want to throw a big THANK YOU out there!

Now that I've buttered you all up, I'm going to abuse my modly powers! I noticed some people were angry with the Heroes' writers for their representations of Characters of Colour and Women. I thought I could direct you towards bobthehaitian for all your ranting needs! Sometimes they are even snarkier than us!

Also, many people seemed to remember how adorable Hiro is, now that he's got Ando back. Add in the possibility of evil and I thought it was about time he had his own community. *pimps* amazing_ando *pimps*

Now, onto the regularly scheduled Collapse )